Jim Turcan of Cornerstone Partners Horticultural Services Company Receives 2018 Environmental Leader of the Year Award

December 15, 2018
Cornerstone Partners Horticultural Services Company (CPHort) is proud to announce that President and CEO, Jim Turcan, was presented with the 2018 Environmental Leader of the Year Award by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).
The award recognizes individuals who influence the adoption of best practices for efficient ice control operations in their business and demonstrate how they promote sustainable salting practices to the industry. CPHort is a chloride conscious contractor with a goal of reducing chloride emissions in their ice control operations 20% by the year 2020.
“There is an overdependency in the US on sodium chloride for maintaining roads, driveways and walkways throughout the winter months,” Turcan explains. “Sodium chloride is detrimental to our environment. Not only is it dangerous for plants and animals, but the runoff seeps into our storm drains and waterways. Industry contractors and homeowners alike need to realize there are alternatives to using this harsh chemical as a de-icer.”
Alternatives include an anti/de-icing solution that accelerates melting the snow while preventing bonding three to four times faster than rock salt (in certain conditions). As Turcan explains, there are many benefits to using the alternative solution. “In addition to eliminating the runoff into our water tables, these solutions decrease the cost of damage done by sodium chloride. For example, landscape repair and replacement that comes with excessive salt spreading is reduced, as is the cost of property infrastructure damage to concrete driveways, sidewalks, curb edges and even metal thresholds. And this solution reduces maintenance to interior floors as it doesn’t track, stain or scratch like rock salt. We’re helping our customers save money while reducing the negative effects on the environment, which makes this a win-win for everyone.”
Turcan received the award at the SIMA 21st Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Char Mufich, Marketing Director
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