Wellness Within Offers Community Mental Health and Wellness Trainings

January 06, 2019
For Immediate Release:
Contact: Kristen Kauke
LCSW, RYT & Owner
Wellness Within Offers Community Mental Health and Wellness Trainings
Wellness Within, a mental health counseling practice that uses yoga as integrative medicine, is offering training within the community.  The practice plans to roll out the bi-monthly program in various community locations in 2019, with the goal to simplify the process for community members to obtain quality support and knowledge to improve wellbeing.

Trainings, called Wellness WITHIN Community, will be led by Kristen Kauke, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Yoga Teacher, and author, with almost two decades of experience.  Practices to cultivate ease in mind and body, and develop contentment in life will cover themes such as self-care, yoga for kindness, yoga for anxiety, yoga for the office, yoga for depression, and yoga for emotional stability.

The goal is to fight stigma and intimidation, and to simplify the access of quality support and training.  “In my experience, people are less likely to seek support for mental and emotional pain.  There is less hesitation to seek treatment for a broken bone or sore throat,” explains Kauke.

Kauke is attempting to mainstream behavioral health supports.  People have become accustomed to visiting clinics in drug stores to address physical ailments.  “People often feel intimidated to find a mental health professional or attend a group yoga class at a studio.  It is my hope people will feel more comfortable trying out these helpful methods within the comfort of their community.  If they experience value in these mind-body supports, they might be more likely to seek continuing support with community providers.”

Cost for a training is $10/student, $15/adults, $20 at the door.  Those interested can register on Eventbrite https://wellnesswithincommunity.eventbrite.com.  Detailed information can also be found on the website https://wellnesswithinfoxvalley.com/workshops/ or call 630.463.9070 or email kristen@wellnesswithinfoxvalley.com
Kristen Kauke