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Global Harvest Foods

Global Harvest Foods


About Us

Global Harvest Foods is the leading manufacturer of wild bird seed in the United States.

As a family-founded business, Global Harvest Foods is guided today by the very same values we began with over 40 years ago. That’s because from day one, we’ve been in it together. Working alongside of our family inspires us to always do the right thing — what’s best for the ones we care about.

Nurturing the wellbeing of animals, people, and their environments is our core vision. We are committed to helping people connect to nature in their own backyards with nutritious wild bird and wildlife food that supports the health of our feathered and furry friends and in return enhances our own wellbeing.

While we have had a presence in the St. Charles community for over a decade, we recently opened our Sales & Marketing Headquarters in St. Charles and are dedicated to making St. Charles the wild bird seed capital of the world!