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Passionette Palate



About Us

As a Digestive Heath Coach + Wellness Chef, I specialize in transforming the lives of busy professionals that are sick and tired of the nightmarish cycle of digestive issues, chronic inflammation, and low energy. I do this through short, whole food cleanses, and my 7-Week Exclusive PALATE Coaching Course, so you will have mental clarity to perform with high efficiency in your work, and still have steady energy for your family and social life.

I'm passionate about providing education, support, and a safe healing space through short, structured, and effective Energy Boost Cleanses, Digestive Health Coaching, and Corporate Wellness Talks, so that you will feel empowered and full of energy! If you're not sure where or how to get started, fill out the Health Routine Analysis on my website and set up a Deep Dive call to review your results so that we can outline a road map of your specific health goals.